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Work/Life Balance

Hamilton Home Services in partnership with the Arise Platform is offering call center opportunities to work from home. Through the Virtual Arise Platform, you control your earning potential.

Customer Service

Customer service is a large part of the business community with hundreds of thousands of agents working from home servicing people and businesses that need assistance.

Training & Equipment

You get training at no cost to you with the opportunity to get paid training after a few classes. Use our referral code and we pay for your training class.





What will I be doing?

You will take calls from one of many brand names companies with the opportunity to build your own schedule and work from the comfort of your own home.

How much do they pay?

The pay scale varies with each company; depending on how much time and skills you bring, the average pay rate is anywhere from $9 - 17 an hour.

What are the companies?

There are customer support opportunities for brands like Intuit, DICK's Sporting Goods, Carnival Cruise Line, Peloton, Walgreens and dozens more.

Is there a support team?

Yes. There is a virual support chat on the Arise Platform and Hamilton Home Base has its own support system you can use at anytime.

Do I pay anything?

No. If you sign up under our Service Partnership, we will pay for all your training classes and assist you with getting the best deals on the equipment you need.

What equipment do I need?

For optimal performance as an agent, you will need an updated computer with dual screen monitors, a headset and a web cam for some jobs. We can help you find the best deals.

Hotest companies going

Home improvement supplier
Roadside assistance
Grocery delivery retailer
Cruise lines
Cable and Internet Provider

You are an independent contractor, not an employee of these companies - you are the boss!

New Gig Economy

Be your own boss
The best part? You're the boss - you are the one in control every step of the way - from choosing what clients you want to service to determining your work hours and even setting earnings goals.

With many companies laying off employees and unemployment rising, working from home has increased in participation and revenue.

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