Hamilton Hosting Services

Providing services that make the community a family network.

Employment Opportunities


Sales & Marketing Associates

SMAs are responsible for seeking out new leads for any and all of the Hamilton Home Services and turning those leads into potential clients. Maintaining new and existing client base through regularly scheduled calls and follow-ups; visiting the customer if within travel distance, and keeping accurate database or contact list of said clients.

Conduct grassroots promotion via flyers, business cards, local business networking, ect., on a day-to-day bases, word of mouth and hand-to-hand promotional contact. They also act as a liaison between potential clients and Sales Associates regularly recommending new leads to the Sales Associates team.


Digital Marketing Specialists'

DMSs are to be consistent on arranging promotional opportunities for Hamilton Home Services different services and features through public venues such as:

Networking group meetings

Meeting with local and national department heads

Conduct digital marketing promotions (emails, social media, webinars, digital ads, ect).

Marketing Specialist also research various market demographics that would become valuable for the Hamilton Home Services and products. They suggest the best strategies to reach that market using effective promotional content.